Konzert der Resilience-Tour am 23.10.

Resilience: Europe Tour (Hip-Hop Solikonzert)

Beim letzten Mobi-Event im Festsaal Kreuzberg mit anschließendem Konzert waren wir 150 Leute! Die Stimmung war super und jetzt machen sich alle bereit, um ins Rheinland zu fahren! Hey-Heyho Fossil Fuels have got to go!

Mehr Infos zu den Künstler*innen:
tufawon.com and Nataanii’s is nataaniimeans.com.

Die Band: After spending some much needed time home focusing on self care and becoming grounded again in his hometown Minneapolis, Tufawon is ready to take off on his third European tour called “Resilience” with Nataanii Means and DJ Michel Be.

“Resilience is about how we, marginalized people, continue to survive and ultimately thrive in the face of adversity. It’s about how our resistance allows us to bounce back from being held down by oppressive systems. Through our fight, our art, and our spirit, we move forward with the strength that our ancestors gifted us and the prayers we continue to proclaim”

From October into November this autumn, the Resilience crew will be playing concerts in France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland and more. If you are interested in bringing the tour to a European city.

contact info@tufawon.com

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