The new law will keep coal power in place for another 18 years, costing billions of Euros. That’s a punch in the face for the people that are affected by the climate crisis and the global climate justice movement.
This political failure makes it impossible, to actually keep global warming below the critical 1.5 degrees Celsius. That means now more than ever: let’s fight fossil fuels!

We are the immediate coal exit. From 23 to 27th of September we set ourselves against the destruction of the earth in the Rhineland and block the fossil fuel infrastructure.
The time to act is now. Droughts, heat waves, floods – we have known it for a long time. The climate crisis is already a destructive reality for people all over the world – especially in the global South. And yet we are supposed to burn another 18 years of coal here? We’re not going to be put off with that. We will not be pacified! We are no longer watching how politics and corporations destroy our future.
Disobedient against capitalism and for climate justice – worldwide!

We are taking the coal phase-out into our own hands – and we do it now!
Our form of action is an openly announced mass blockade with many opportunities for participation. We will behave calmly and courteously, no escalation will emanate from us, we will not endanger any people. We want to create a situation that is transparent for all participants and in which we respect and support each other.

Actions of civil disobedience work best when we are well-prepared for them. That’s why we want to practice direct action-trainings together. The training is also suitable for people with no experience of action. The aim is to increase our joint ability to act on the way into the pit, in the forest or on the rails. You can join the training as an affinity group or find one on site.
The action training takes place in cooperation with ‚Skills for Action collective‚ . Basic contents of the training (incl. break) are: reflections on civil disobedience, affinity groups as a basis for actions, various blocking techniques, dealing with our own fears and limits, making decisions in stressful situations and a short exchange of experiences on the subject of repression.
If you want to participate in the training, we ask you to arrive on time and allow time for taking part in the whole training – everything else would be rather disruptive for the group and the trainers. The training will take place outdoors, so please provide yourself with rain protection. The training is free and no registration is required. It will be held in German, a whispering translation can be provided.
Please bring your masks! The training has theoretical and practical parts. It will be possible to keep a safe distance and it will be held outside. We want to have a training that is according to your needs and where everyone feels safe.

We are looking forward to see you!


Sa, 12.9.

Su, 13.9.
Meeting point S-Humboldhain